About Magnetic Scrolls

At this very beginning I want to say Thank you to Paul David Doherty who gave me great support, Ashley Zoch for the "Christmas Page", Stefan Jokisch for the "John Cage"-info, Torbjörn Andersson for his infos on the "Mac-"Corruption, Tim Trepanier for his game solutions, Andrew Williams for his hint on the "What Burglar advert", Jim MacBrayne who brought me in touch with Rob Steggles ,Rob Steggles himself who wrote the Magnetic Scrolls short history, and John Molloy for his most interesting emails.
Stefan Meier, 07-10-97


Founded: 1984 by Anita Sinclair and Ken Gordon
Home: 1 Chapel Court, London SE1 1HH, England
Distribution: Rainbird/Firebird (up to 1989), Mastertronic (up to 1992), Microprose


Rob Steggles:
The Pawn, The Guild of Thieves, Corruption, Fish!
Hugh Steers: Corruption
Paul Findley: Myth
David Bishop: Wonderland
John Molloy: Fish!
Pete Kemp: Fish!
Phil South: Fish!
Georgina Sinclair: Jinxter
Michael Bywater: Jinxter

Graphic artists:
Geoff Quilley, Tristan Humphries, Alan Hunnisett, Richard Selby, Chris Kent and Anna Williams.

Bob Coles, Paul Findley, Ken Gordon, Richard Huddy, Steve Lacey, Doug Rabson, Anita Sinclair, Hugh Steers and Mark Taylor.

John Molloy (The Pawn, Jinxter, Fish!), Michael Powell (Wonderland)

Reviews, interviews, ...

Magnetic Scrolls Memories (written by Rob Steggles)
Christmas with the stars - Anita Sinclair (provided by Ashley Zoch)
Softstory - Interview with Anita Sinclair (Happy Computer 1/87, written by Boris Schneider and Heinrich Lenardt- coming soon)

Game Review - The Pawn (Happy Computer 6/86, written by Heinrich Lenardt)
Game Review - The Guild of Thieves (Happy Computer 7/87, written by Boris Schneider)
Game Review - Jinxter (Happy Computer 1/88, written by Boris Schneider)
Game Review - The Guild of Thieves (Data Welt 10/87, written by tt(?) - coming soon)

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