(translated from review in Happy Computer 6/86 written by Heinrich Lenardt)

Confusing conditions in Kerovnia: King Erik is losing respect because he refuses to establish the nationality of the Roobikyoub dwarfs. The inhabitants are not agreeing because the dwarfs brew the hottest malt whiskey on this side of the Obakanga valley und therefore they earn unlimited popularity.

This is the startup scenario of "The Pawn", the latest highlight in adventure games. The aim of the game is unknown. You have to find it on your own while playing. What you get is classical fantasy with sorcerers, demons, and dragons but a lot of humor and irony.
The english parser is far above average and accepts nearly all sensible sentences. You can communicate with other characters even questions are possible.

But the real highlights of the tested Atari-ST version are the user interface and the graphics. Although "The Pawn" works with monochrome monitors, a colour monitor is highly recommened for enjoying the pictures. The graphics are dropped down on the text screen like a curtain with clicking the mouse at the upper menu bar. The programmers managed the feat to combine 80 character text and med-res graphics.

Many special features enhance the game comfort: Main colour and background colour may be chosen freely and functions keys can be used to store often used phrases. The package contains a manual, the game disk, a poster, a map, and a amazing novella containing encrypted hints on some of the puzzles.
Overall: A real highlight for adventure fans[...]

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