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Magnetic Scrolls:

Adventure Game List
The most complete adventure list on the net, I think. Contains infos on nearly any important (commercial) adventure game. Magnetic Scrolls section included. Visit now!

The Magnetic Scrolls Gallery
Watch all the amazing pictures from The Pawn, The Guild of Thieves, Jinxter and Fish!. Download pictures, solutions, and much more. A MUST for every MagScrolls fan.

PDD's Adventure Page
The page for classic text adventure afficionados. Covers Scott Adams, Brian Howarth, Infocom, Level 9, Magnetic Scrolls and more. Very informative and enjoyable page on the greatest of the genre.

Interactive fiction:

Interactive Fiction Guide
Interesting place for all adventure fans. Features games, companies, solutions, hints, links and more. Brandnew and growing...

The IF Archive
Enormous collection of Freeware and Shareware text adventures.

Interactive Fiction: Theory & Practice
Archive of newsgroup (1992-97). Author of the IF-FAQ.
IF-games related newsgroup.

Hints and Solutions

AMI Cheat´s Page
Tons of game solutions and cheats for free.

The Hint Library
Freeware hint system. Many hint files on Infocom Classics and more available.

AMINET game directory
Dozens of solutions, hints,....

Universal Hint System
Shareware hint system. More than 170 hint files available.


The INFOCOM Homepage
The ultimate Infocom page. What you cannot find there doesn´t exist most probably.

Text adventures
Short but very informative page about text adventures with many interessting links.

Newsletter on text adventures

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