(translated from review in Happy Computer 7/87 written by Boris Schneider)

In Kerovnia they steal as hard as one can. Because of the inexorable corruption The Guild of Thieves is nearly free to operate. So you decide to participate and become a member of the guild. The entrance examination is located on a small island with a marvellous mansion. It is your business to steal any values without being noticed. If you fail the guild will not be very well-disposed toward you...

The successor of "The Pawn" offers many enhanced features, especially the advanced parser, e.g. the "goto x" command. This will bring you to the designated target on the fastest way. You do not need to draw maps anymore.

At the beginning the search for treasures is rather clear and the first items can be found and removed easiliy. But the difficulty of the puzzles increases and who manages to rob the Bank of Kerovnia at the end can be proud with good reason.

You will encounter about 30 first quality pictures at some of the locations in the game. Partially they may confuse you because they do not contain any hints to puzzle solutions. The tested Atari ST version works with both monochrome and colour monitor.

Rating (Atari ST-version):
Graphics: 90/100
Sound: 0/100
Overall: 90/100

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