(translated from review in Happy Computer 1/88 written by Boris Schneider)

There are still witches in Aquitania. Centuries ago they did great harm until the good sorcerer Turani created a bracelet that gave magic luck to the inhabitants of Aquitania. No one was injured or bewitched anymore. All the bad magic of the witches was under the spell of the bracelet. Only the green magic for playing practical jokes if the worst comes to the worst remained.
But the witch Janedor wants to get back the old power. With the help of some unsuspecting inhabintants she took the Bracelet of Turani into pieces und hid the single parts.
Now Aquitania´s running out of luck, the witches regain their powers. It is your business to find all the parts of the bracelet.

Jinxter, the third adventure from Magnetic Scrolls, turns some facts on adventure games upside down. You will never die in this game. Each situation endangering your life will be resolved with luck so you can play with full risk. But some of the puzzles can be solved without luck. The adventure is full of dark humor pulling adventure gamer´s leg.
In addition to a complex parser which even copes with difficult sentences, Jinxter comes with 30 brilliant pictures desinged by four different graphic artists. The pictures of the ST version make the best use of the graphic capabilites of the ST. [...]. The story and the workmanship are some of the best of the adventure genre.

Rating (ST version):
Graphics: 91/100
Sound: 0/100
Overall: 86/100

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