What do all the programmers do at Christmas? Are they riveted to their seats or do they actually unwind a little? Get drunk and fall over, put up Chrimbo decorations on their border screens and stuff themselves stupid at dinner time?

Anita Sinclair

Boss of Magnetic Scrolls, the company responsible for the truly mindblowing Pawn. She's currently directing operations on Guild of Thieves the sequel, and a host of other adventures for '87.

What do you like about Christmas?

I don't like Christmas.

What do you hate about Christmas?

I hate all the hype - and no one puts out a stocking for me anymore.

What are you doing this Christmas?

I'm going to the South of France - I've spent most of my life there.

What's your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

The gravy (the non-lumpy stuff).

What was the best pressie you got?

a) In a cracker.

Miniature pack of cards.

b) Ever.

An IBM compatible Xmas tree - it lit up when you talked to it.

It's better to give than to receive, so what's the nicest present you ever gave?

I gave my sister a saddle for her horse.

Who would you most like to kiss under the mistletoe?

Eugene Lacey - now there's a wind-up.

What programme do you turn off at Christmas on TV?

Either "The Sound of Music" or the Queen's speech.

Who would you never dream of sending a Christmas card to?

Commodore User's printers - for cocking up our Pawn picture.

Who do you know who would best fit the character of Scrooge?

Ed Williams - head of British Telecom (soft).


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