At the beginning of April 2016 Peter Verdi's Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles website went offline. So far all my attempts to contact Peter failed. His site carried some invaluable interviews with former Magnetic Scrolls people. To preserve the work I temporarily uploaded a dump of his site taken in summer of 2015. All you can see below is 100% Peter's work! Hopefully his site will reappear soon! Peter, if you read this, can you contact me?

Remember how it's like to ride on a cloud? How it feels to be squashed by a bus, or how to get that damned gold disc from Micky? Well, here's your chance to relive all these situations.

Have a chat with the devil in THE PAWN, ransack an entire island in THE GUILD OF THIEVES, restore luck itself to a whole country in JINXTER, uncover a conspiracy in CORRUPTION, become an inter-dimensional secret agent in FISH!, an ancient god in MYTH, walk in the footsteps of Alice in WONDERLAND and inherit a haunted mansion in THE LEGACY.
Become a part of the fantasy of Magnetic Scrolls - you certainly won't regret it . . .

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This is the "Text" section of "Wonderland". Here you will find articles, previews and reviews of "Wonderland" I gathered over time.

Preview from "Power Play" magazine 9/1990
Article written by Anatol Locker and used with kind permission from the author; translated by Peter Verdi


It's been a long time since we've heard from Magnetic Scrolls but now they are back with a new game that wants to breathe new life into the dying textadventure genre.

No news from once famous software-developers Magnetic Scrolls for years. They vanished from the face of the game-development world after the release of their last two games "Fish!" and "Corruption". One reason for their silence must have have been the sale of British Telecomsoft, who had Magnetic Scrolls under contract back then, to Microprose. Anita Sinclair, CEO of adventurefreaks Magnetic Scrolls secretly started developing the "Super-Adventure". And after more than one and a half years the time has come: Wonderland has arrived.

The story of the game is basically the same as in Lewis Carroll's book "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland", adding great puzzles to the plot. But don't worry - you don't have to know the book or one of its various movie adaptions to finish the game. "Wonderland" can be played as a text-only adventure. If you're playing in text-only mode the screen mainly consists of a text window, which you can resize to any size you want: The text automatically adjusts to the size of the window.The parser is capable of understanding about 2000 words, the structures of the sentences can be very complex and still it won't let you down. For those who aren't happy with just reading through plain old text Magnetic Scrolls have prepared 105 (many of them animated) pictures in the high quality standards you'd expect from a Magnetic Scrolls game.

Everything in the game can be done via mouse. There will also be an on-screen map. If you click on a room in this map your character will walk to the desired location and should something block your way, your character will stop and tell you why she (remember, you're playing Alice) couldn't go to the desired location. Every item in the game is represented by an icon. If you want to, for example, drop an item from your inventory, just drag it out of your inventory-window and on to the map.

The most important verbs in the game are listed on screen to help newbies get into textadventure gaming. Only the essential words needed to cope with your current situation show up in the taskbar (for example: When facing a door you won't find the word "eat" in the taskbar, because you can't normally eat a door - although you never know in *this* game). If you get completely stuck in the game Wonderland also offers an on-screen hint section.

All in all Wonderland is perfect for hungry adventure gamers who have been waiting to get their hands on a top-notch textadventure game again. "Wonderland" will be available for PC's by the end of July, versions for different platforms will follow.