At the beginning of April 2016 Peter Verdi's Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles website went offline. So far all my attempts to contact Peter failed. His site carried some invaluable interviews with former Magnetic Scrolls people. To preserve the work I temporarily uploaded a dump of his site taken in summer of 2015. All you can see below is 100% Peter's work! Hopefully his site will reappear soon! Peter, if you read this, can you contact me?

Remember how it's like to ride on a cloud? How it feels to be squashed by a bus, or how to get that damned gold disc from Micky? Well, here's your chance to relive all these situations.

Have a chat with the devil in THE PAWN, ransack an entire island in THE GUILD OF THIEVES, restore luck itself to a whole country in JINXTER, uncover a conspiracy in CORRUPTION, become an inter-dimensional secret agent in FISH!, an ancient god in MYTH, walk in the footsteps of Alice in WONDERLAND and inherit a haunted mansion in THE LEGACY.
Become a part of the fantasy of Magnetic Scrolls - you certainly won't regret it . . .


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Article written by Stephen Granade from The Brass Lantern and used with kind permission
The Arts That Spell Adventure
Mike Gerrard relates the graphic story behind Magnetic Scrolls - article written for "Atari ST User" magazine (03/1988) and used with kind permission
The Kingdom Of Kerovnia
excerpts from the Encyclopedia Kerovnica - article taken from "Official Secrets"' "Confidential" magazine, issue 8; author unknown
A Brief History Of Magnetic Scrolls And Acorn
Article written by Andrew Weston; based on the article that appeared in Issue 284 of Qercus Magazine (© Acorn Publisher) - used with kind permission
Message In A Microchip
Article taken from "Crash" magazine, Issue 55 (August 1988)

Through the Goldfish Bowl - an Interview with Phil South
Interview conducted by Peter Verdi in June 2008
Fish!'n (Micro)Chips - an Interview with Peter Kemp
Interview conducted by Peter Verdi in July 2008
(Inaccurate) Memories of Memories - a Conversation with Michael Bywater
Interview conducted by Peter Verdi in September 2009
> What IF ..._ - a Conversation with Robert Steggles
Interview conducted by Peter Verdi in May 2010