At the beginning of April 2016 Peter Verdi's Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles website went offline. So far all my attempts to contact Peter failed. His site carried some invaluable interviews with former Magnetic Scrolls people. To preserve the work I temporarily uploaded a dump of his site taken in summer of 2015. All you can see below is 100% Peter's work! Hopefully his site will reappear soon! Peter, if you read this, can you contact me?

Remember how it's like to ride on a cloud? How it feels to be squashed by a bus, or how to get that damned gold disc from Micky? Well, here's your chance to relive all these situations.

Have a chat with the devil in THE PAWN, ransack an entire island in THE GUILD OF THIEVES, restore luck itself to a whole country in JINXTER, uncover a conspiracy in CORRUPTION, become an inter-dimensional secret agent in FISH!, an ancient god in MYTH, walk in the footsteps of Alice in WONDERLAND and inherit a haunted mansion in THE LEGACY.
Become a part of the fantasy of Magnetic Scrolls - you certainly won't regret it . . .

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This is the "Text" section of "Wonderland". Here you will find articles, previews and reviews of "Wonderland" I gathered over time.

News-Flash from "Power Play" magazine 6/1990
 Article written by Heinrich Lenhardt and Martin Gaksch; translated by Peter Verdi

Magnetic Scrolls are back!

Programmer Anita Sinclair and game-designer David Bishop present the artwork for their comeback-adventure Wonderland:

After two years of silence the adventure-experts at Magnetic Scrolls are back and ready to fill the hearts of adventurers with joy. The authors of classics like "The Pawn" and "Guild of Thieves" have been working on a new game-engine for the last two years, which will be very easy to handle - thanks to a graphical user interface with windows, help-functions, auto-mapping and icons.

The first title of the "Next Generation Magnetic Scrolls Adventures" will be called Wonderland and is set in Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland" scenario.

Adventure fans can look forward to a humorous plot filled with mind-dazzling puzzles. The game will also feature about 100 superbly drawn graphics.