Play the games online

You can play the Magnetic Scrolls games (almost) immediately with the new Magnetic Scripts engine. Magnetic Scripts is written in pure HTML and Javascript and runs completely in the browser. Many of the features of the native Magnetic ports are included and although this still is very new and surely not as mature as the native interpreter versions, it should provide you with a handy way for quick and easy to access game sessions. All details about requirements and how to use Magnetic Scripts can be found here: (click to start)

Some screenshots:


Important note:
The rights on the games are held by Magnetic Scrolls Ltd, which belongs to Anita Sinclair and Ken Gordon. Their games, sadly enough, have been unavailable for years, so there are very few options left to play the games in a legitimate way. The reason for making the interpreter files and the game related materials available here is to prevent the loss of the games. Anita and Ken - very nice people indeed - both know the Memorial pages and didn't object to the contents, so I assume that the page is in their spirit and the availabilty of the materials on these pages is tolerated. Of course this is not a legal entitlement and obviously the materials can only be used for personal, strictly non-commercial purposes.