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Dream the dream...


The newest and largest-ever adventure from Magnetic Scrolls draws you into the bizarre logic of Lewis Caroll's spellbinding imagination. Here you will meet all the main characters from the book - the Mad Hatter, the giant caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts, the Duchess and her cook...

Here, too, you will be confronted by puzzles, puns, and conundrums, potions and mushrooms, a giant puppy and a miniature tunnel, and challenges enough to keep you within Wonderland's perplexing and magical domains for hundreds of hours.

Wonderland - written in Magnetic Windows, the radical new adventuring environment from Magnetic Scrolls - gives you over 100 stunning graphics, many of them animated... but that's not all. A mouse click on an illustration reveals information about the objects shown. Pop-up menus of appropriate commands let you play with a minimum of typing. On-screen maps and help, multiple windows, and icons for every object and room in the adventure combine to make the most sophisticated environment ever created.

It all helps, but in the end it's down to you. Have you the dreampower to dream your way through wonderland ?

Live the dream...

Step into the bizarre logic of Lewis Carroll's spellbinding imagination...

Attend the Mad Hatter's absurd tea party. Meet the caterpillar perched upon his mushrooms, puffing away on his hookah. Drop in on the duchess (is that a baby or a piglet she is holding?) and her temperamental cook.

You, as Alice, face a plethora of puzzles, puns and conundrums. Like how to assist the royal gardeners in painting the roses red before the Queen of Hearts arrives to inspect them. Challenges to perplex and enchant you for hundreds of hours.

But Wonderland insn't just a bewitching story. It's playing environment breaks new ground for computer adventures. Here's what the editor of Computer Gaming World has to say about it:

"The game is neither strictly a text adventure nor can it be described as a graphic adventure. It is its own genre... The game uses multi-tasking to offer an incredible array of features..."

Besides superb graphics and sound support, Wonderland's unique windowing environment offers pull-down verb and noun menus, graphics you can size up or down and move around the screen, automated mapping, point-and-click object manipulation, a compass for directional movement, and extensive on-screen help.

"Innovative," "ambitious" (The Chicago Tribune), "exquisite and impressive" (CGW), "brilliant and insane" (The Electronic Gamer), are more words used to describe Wonderland. Questbusters calls its windowed universe "the ultimate interface." Stunning graphics, impressive sound board support and a captivating story, all in a sophisticated new windowing system, combine to make Wonderland the richest adventure ever: a game to play, to tell, and to inhabit.

Game facts
Virgin Mastertronic
David Bishop
Alan Hunnisett, Chris Kent, Geoff Quilley and Anna Williams
Bob Coles, Paul Findley, Ken Gordon, Richard Huddy, Steve Lacey, Doug Rabson, Anita Sinclair, Hugh Steers, Mark Taylor
Michael Powell
Amiga, Archimedes, Atari ST, IBM PC
Game box contents:
66-page user guide, Wonderland poster, Map, Quick reference guide, Voucher for single-sided disk set (Atari ST)
Game box:
Separate boxes for European (18.3 cm x 23 cm - 7.25" x 9") and US market (17.8 cm x 23 cm - 7" x 9"), similiar in extents, but vary in colouring and detail. Besides there finds one subtle difference (have a close look at the playing cards...). The contents of the U.S. box were wrapped in a Virgin/Mastertronic sleeve. The US boxes came in two different flavours: A slipcased box and a two-piece-box.
Known game versions
Archimedes, Amiga, Atari ST
Game box contents



Atari ST




  • This game introduced the "Magnetic Windows" system, featuring a graphical user interface and a slightly enhanced interpreter.
  • While the U.S. version of the game package does not show the "Magnetic Scrolls play card" on the front cover and the game subtitle is changed to "Live the dream", the included game manual is identical to the European version except for the binding of the book and thus showing the play card and the "Dream the Dream" headline.
  • Wonderland was later also released on a CD-Rom for IBM PC. The game version is identical to the disk version. The CD comes with an additional Virgin installation tool and demos of other Virgin titles. The CD was packaged in a normal jewel case: Booklet outside, Booklet inside, Jewel case back side
  • Wonderland was part of Ubisoft's Fantastic Worlds compilation.
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