At the beginning of April 2016 Peter Verdi's Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles website went offline. So far all my attempts to contact Peter failed. His site carried some invaluable interviews with former Magnetic Scrolls people. To preserve the work I temporarily uploaded a dump of his site taken in summer of 2015. All you can see below is 100% Peter's work! Hopefully his site will reappear soon! Peter, if you read this, can you contact me?

Remember how it's like to ride on a cloud? How it feels to be squashed by a bus, or how to get that damned gold disc from Micky? Well, here's your chance to relive all these situations.

Have a chat with the devil in THE PAWN, ransack an entire island in THE GUILD OF THIEVES, restore luck itself to a whole country in JINXTER, uncover a conspiracy in CORRUPTION, become an inter-dimensional secret agent in FISH!, an ancient god in MYTH, walk in the footsteps of Alice in WONDERLAND and inherit a haunted mansion in THE LEGACY.
Become a part of the fantasy of Magnetic Scrolls - you certainly won't regret it . . .

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This is the "Specials" section of "The Pawn". Here you will find things like walkthroughs, newspaper ads and other special things concerning "The Pawn".

Walkthrough for "The Pawn" - Part One
taken from Aminet

You wake up with a bump on your noggin, wearing some odd clothes and a strange wristband. What to do. Well, first, LOOK AT THE CLOTHES. Yep, that plant design sure smacks of something potty. LOOK IN THE POCKET. There's a key in there (a metal key, as it turns out).

Time to do some exploring of this strange new land. Go east. Whoops! What's this? You enter the grassy wilderness and Kronos, the magician, appears zooming up to you on some sort of stone platform (a Kerovnian hovercraft?). SAY TO KRONOS, "GREETINGS."

Kronos will reply that he needs someone to take a note to King Eric. TAKE THE NOTE. Then, be sure to ASK KRONOS ABOUT THE WRISTBAND. The magician will promise to remove your wristband if you perform a service. You must kill a man on a legless horse and bring his dead body to Kronos' room in the northernmost mountain. Kronos offers you a chest which will help in this task. TAKE THE CHEST, but do not open it. You can LOOK AT THE NOTE and/or THE CHEST if you want, but it's not necessary. Go east thrice. You will be in the palace gardens. LOOK UNDER THE MAT. Another key. GET THE KEY. (This one is a wooden key.) Also, LOOK IN THE FOUNTAIN and GET THE CHIT (it's an I.O.U from Honest John for 1 Ferg). Now go southwest.

You're at the shed. UNLOCK THE DOOR WITH THE METAL KEY. OPEN DOOR, then go southwest. Once inside, you will see three things. GET two of them -- the RAKE and the HOE. (The wheelbarrow is a red herring. Forget it.) Then LOOK AT THE WORKBENCH. You spy a trowel. GET THE TROWEL. Nope, you're not done yet. LOOK UNDER THE WORKBENCH. You find a pot. GET THE POT. LOOK AT THE POT. Hmmmm, the pot contains a plant which closely resembles the plant on your shirt. (Lotsa pot references in case you're missing it!) Okay, you're finished in the shed so go northeast, then east to the gatehouse. The guards at the gatehouse won't let you pass until you SHOW THE NOTE TO THE GUARDS. Then, you are allowed in to see King Eric, who is infuriated by Kronos' note. He rewards you for delivering it by having you kicked out of his palace. So much for good deeds. Oh, well, no great harm done except to your dignity, and you'll suffer plenty more indignities in this game. Go west three times and south. Then, go west twice to the path. Go north five times on the path. You will come to a very large boulder. (Before we go on, remember, any time you wish to know the directions you can move in THE PAWN, simply type EXITS, and you'll be told.)

Hmmm, what to do with this humungous boulder? Well, for the moment, you can forget it. Head south, then west, then northwest to the top of the heather-covered hill. There's a hut here. GO IN THE HUT. My word, there's a Guru here, and he laughs uproariously at your wristband. What could be so funny about that? No matter, he won't stop laughing until you can somehow hide the thing. So TAKE OFF THE SHIRT. COVER THE WRISTBAND WITH THE SHIRT. Ah, that's better. At least the Guru stops laughing long enough to give you a chore to perform. He empties his bowl, gives it to you and instructs you to bring it back full of the essential nourishment of life. (Doesn't want much, does he?) Well, no ducking the assignment; but before you leave the hut, GET THE RICE you are informed is there.

Now it's time to retrace your steps to the foothills where you last left the large boulder. Once you reach the durned thing, you can UNCOVER THE WRISTBAND. Then, TIE THE RAKE AND HOE TOGETHER WITH THE SHIRT. It isn't very plausible, but you now have just the implement with which to move the boulder.

Bet you would never think of the next entry: LEVER THE BOULDER WITH THE RAKE AND THE HOE. (Yes sir,it's a beaut, all right!) Well, it works, and the boulder goes bounding down the mountainside out of harm's way. Now you can proceed northwest up the narrow track. (You might want to pause before doing so to PUT ON YOUR SHIRT. It gets chilly up in those mountains.) Of course you have to UNTIE THE SHIRT (from the rake and hoe) before you can wear it.

Oh, dear, just when you thought you were on your way, you no sooner get by the boulder than your path is blocked by a rockfall. No problem. CLIMB OVER THE ROCKS. (See? Sometimes the solutions are right there as plain as the nose on your face, no gimmicks, no tricks.) Along about now the adventurer should appear, riding on a horse. Aha! The horse has no legs. This must be the guy Kronos wants you to knock off. GIVE THE CHEST TO THE ADVENTURER. No sooner said than the adventurer opens the chest and a lethal blast wafts into his kisser and kills him dead. GET THE ADVENTURER and PUT THE ADVENTURER ON THE HORSE. Now it's time for you to GET ON THE HORSE yourself. (This nag has a sense of humor, as you will see.) More important, for whatever reason he turns out to be a magical source of light. And you must have him with you when you enter dark places, or, find another light source. (Yep, you'll have to do that, too. After all, horses, legless or otherwise, can't go everywhere.)

Now go northwest and up to the plateau. From here you can see an ice tower off to the southwest. Time for that later. You will be coming back. (The only reason I stuck this UP move in is just in case you need an extra move or two to meet the adventurer. In other words, he doesn't always appear at the same place I've indicated. But don't fret; he will be along.) Anyway, go back the way you came (i.e., DOWN). There's a cavemouth to the east. Go east twice. (By the way, without the horse, you wouldn't be able to see your hand in front of your face. Good thing you have your new friend along.) Go east one more time (into the cavern), then down. You will find yourself in a small cave. Go east into the corridor. You'll find a REM statement here. To read it, GET OFF THE HORSE (don't worry, he'll wait. And, don't forget, there will be other times later when you're riding the horse when you can't do things unless you dismount). Okay, READ THE REM STATEMENT. (You can skip it if you prefer. I only stuck it in here to give you the tip about dismounting.) After the REM statement, get back on the horse and ride east to the Lava River. You will see a vertical shaft which you decide bears investigating. GET OFF THE HORSE and go up. Foiled again! You are told you must drop everything to go up. Don't do it. Something might break. Instead PUT ALL (items in your inventory, which should include the pot, hoe, trowel, rake, bowl, rice and chit) ON THE HORSE. Now you can go up, and up again.

You are told that the primary function of the shaft is probably to supply air to the fires of hell, rather than allowing mortals pot-holing practice. Hmmmm. Well, at its apex you are in a chamber by the river. It looks like the wall keeping out the river is very fragile. Nothing to do but to BREAK THE WALL. The wall breaks easily and the water rushes in, sweeping you with it back down the shaft. You'll wind up in the dark, so go east, back to the Lava River, and there you find your horse (and light) calmly waiting for you. Go north. Now, then, the reason you broke the wall was to let the river in. The result of this action was to cool and solidify the Lava River so you could move north. Otherwise, you would have been incinerated. On the north bank of the Lava River you see a pale blue pedestal. Also, in the northeast wall is an exit with a notice above it. If you go northeast, you will be in an endless maze. (The notice, by the way, which you have to dismount to read, says: "Warning: This maze is totally irrelevant to the adventure.") Don't tear your hair if you stumble into the maze by mistake. If you read the notice, you shouldn't make such a dumb move; but if you do, simply type EXIT MAZE and you'll be out again. Now wasn't that easy?

What you're really after is that pedestal. So (presuming you've dismounted) type, LIFT THE PEDESTAL. Just as you suspected, there's a niche here. LOOK IN THE NICHE. Oho! Another key, this one a blue key. GET THE BLUE KEY. Now GET ON THE HORSE and retrace your steps back out of the caves. (Go south, west twice, up, west three more times and you'll be outside on the path. Now it's time to go up to that plateau from whence you spied the ice tower. (You're not finished with the caves, by the way, nor with the ice tower; but they can wait until later.) Once you are on the plateau, dismount and GET THE BOWL (remember, you left it on the horse with all your other stuff). Once you have it, PUT SNOW IN THE BOWL. (Yes sir, that'll make the essential nourishment of life, all right!) Now go down three times until you reach the foothills. Go south, then west and northwest back up to the hill to the Guru's hut. GO IN THE HUT and GIVE THE BOWL TO THE GURU. (Betcha forgot to get off the horse first!) He thanks you and gives you a pretty obvious clue, something about a light in the forest helping you and the trees.

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