At the beginning of April 2016 Peter Verdi's Magnetic Scrolls Chronicles website went offline. So far all my attempts to contact Peter failed. His site carried some invaluable interviews with former Magnetic Scrolls people. To preserve the work I temporarily uploaded a dump of his site taken in summer of 2015. All you can see below is 100% Peter's work! Hopefully his site will reappear soon! Peter, if you read this, can you contact me?

Remember how it's like to ride on a cloud? How it feels to be squashed by a bus, or how to get that damned gold disc from Micky? Well, here's your chance to relive all these situations.

Have a chat with the devil in THE PAWN, ransack an entire island in THE GUILD OF THIEVES, restore luck itself to a whole country in JINXTER, uncover a conspiracy in CORRUPTION, become an inter-dimensional secret agent in FISH!, an ancient god in MYTH, walk in the footsteps of Alice in WONDERLAND and inherit a haunted mansion in THE LEGACY.
Become a part of the fantasy of Magnetic Scrolls - you certainly won't regret it . . .

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This is the "Specials" section of "Jinxter". Here you will find things like walkthroughs, newspaper ads and other special things concerning "Jinxter".

Walkthrough for "Jinxter" - Part Two
taken from Aminet

Well, don't just sit there in the dumb canoe: Let's get going! Go south twice to the Pagoda. DROP CASE AND PADDLE. Now GET OPENER AND CAN. LEAVE CANOE and go down the steps. Your path will be blocked by a large mound of dirt. Who likes dirt better than worms? OPEN CAN WITH OPENER, then DROP OPENER, and PUT WORMS ON DIRT. DROP CAN. The worms will make short work of loosening the dirt. MOVE DIRT then go east twice, and you'll find some diving equipment. GET ALL, then go west twice, and up. Time to go for a swim!

First REMOVE TROUSERS AND SHIRT. Now WEAR WETSUIT, FLIPPERS, AND MASK. (Don't put on the aqualung yet: You start using air as soon as you put it on, and you don't have much to spare.) Do an INVENTORY here just to be sure you're not carrying anything except the charms. It's okay to keep wearing the spectacles and gloves though.
Go north, down, and northwest. WEAR AQUALUNG, then go north, and you'll find a hatch. OPEN HATCH and go down. You'll see a panel, so EXAMINE PANEL, then EXAMINE BUTTONS. Now PUSH LEFT BUTTON, then REMOVE AQUALUNG. EXAMINE DOOR, and TURN WHEEL THEN OPEN DOOR. Go east and down. EXAMINE DESK. On it, you see a notecase. EXAMINE NOTECASE and TAKE COIN. OPEN DOOR then go east. You'll see a chandelier that appears to be concealing something, but it's too high for you to reach.

Go west, up, west, and PUSH RIGHT BUTTON. Now east, down, east, and WAIT for the water to reach your scrawny neck. WEAR AQUALUNG, and WAIT until "everything is underwater." Go up and EXAMINE CHANDELIER, then GET CHARM. Go down, west, up, west, and OPEN HATCH. Then go up, south, southeast, up, south, and you're back at the Pagoda.

Now that you're safe on shore, EXAMINE UNICORN CHARM, and you'll find the word "WATCHERCALLIT" on it. This is the charm that makes things come back to you. Drop the aqualung, wetsuit, flippers, and mask, then WEAR TROUSERS AND SHIRT. GET IN CANOE, and GET PADDLE AND CASE. Now go north then southwest, and you're at the Conifer Wood. DROP PADDLE THEN LEAVE CANOE, and go south to the Village Green.

Let's visit the Bakery first. Go northwest and READ NOTICE. Now ASK FOR JOB, and the Baker will give you some instructions. Go down then east to the Larder. That flour sack looks promising. OPEN SACK then SIFT FLOUR WITH SIEVE. Another charm! Go west to the kitchen. EXAMINE TABLE and you'll see a baking tin with some dough in it. You don't want the baker to find out you stole the charm, so PUT CHARM IN TIN. OPEN OVEN, and PUT TIN IN OVEN THEN CLOSE OVEN. PUSH BUTTON and the bread will be done to perfection.

But WAIT! You don't want to be stuck here baking bread for the rest of your life, do you? PUSH BUTTON again, OPEN OVEN, and GET BREAD. About this time, the baker will show up and search you for the charm. He won't find anything, of course! Go up, and the baker will follow you. If you try to leave with the bread, you won't be able to because the baker wants to see how you've done. SHOW BREAD TO BAKER, and he'll take a bite out of it. He'll be so disgusted with the overdone bread, he'll throw it (and you) out the door!
Now GET BREAD THEN EAT IT. You'll be left with the pelican charm. EXAMINE PELICAN CHARM and you'll find the word "DOOFER" on it. This charm will animate things. DROP CASE.

Next stop: the Village Pub. Go southeast into the pub. Reading the sign behind the bar will tell you that you have only enough money for a beer. Since it's the only money you have in the world, you don't want to spend it foolishly! WATCHERCALLIT COIN, then BUY BEER WITH COIN. As soon as you buy the beer, the coin will reappear in your hand! You can DRINK BEER if you wish, but what you MUST do is WATCHERCALLIT GLASS.

Take a look at the hearth. There's a raging fire in there. Try a little more of your magic: OOJIMY FIRE. The fire will go out, leaving an ash behind. GET ASH. Ignore the bartender's insults, go north to the Beer Garden, and down into the well. There you will see another coin. GET TWO-FERG COIN and climb back up. If you EXAMINE TWO-FERG COIN, you'll discover that this one can only be spent once, so you'd better spend it wisely!

Go south and northwest. The bartender will snatch the glass from you when you leave, but you'll soon have it back again. Go southwest to the carousel. DOOFER UNICORN. The animal will spring to life and fly away, leaving the saddle behind. While you're here, DOOFER FIRE ENGINE, and it will take off, leaving its ladder behind. GET SADDLE then northeast and GET SOCK. Now PUT ASH IN CASE. Go northeast into the Post Office. Take note of the ringing bell on the way in. When the Postmistress shows up, SEND SADDLE TO STATION.

(I have to apologize here. There is absolutely NO CLUE at this point to indicate that you should mail the saddle to the station. WHAT Station? However, by the time you find out about the Station and figure out that you have to mail the saddle to it, you will have gone a LONG way out of your way, and will have to go through some really strange shenanigans to get the job done. It's a lot easier to pretend you have ESP, and just mail the dratted thing NOW!)

Anyway, the Postmistress will weigh the saddle and tell you it comes to two fergs. There goes your one-time-only two-ferg coin! GIVE TWO-FERG COIN TO POSTMISTRESS.
When you entered the Post Office, you saw a safe set into the wall. It sure would be interesting to get into that safe, but how can you do that with the stupid bell announcing your entrance every time? At this point the Postmistress will bend down behind the counter looking for something. While she's down there, PUT SOCK IN BELL and that will take care of the alarm. Now you can OPEN DOOR and go southwest.

You can immediately go back northeast to the Post Office; this time you will enter silently, and it will be empty. EXAMINE SAFE and you will notice four handles at the four corners of the safe.

Playing with the handles quickly reveals that they are interactive. So Merlin, the master safe-cracker, will save you some time. TURN BOTTOM RIGHT HANDLE. TURN TOP RIGHT HANDLE. TURN BOTTOM RIGHT HANDLE. TURN BOTTOM RIGHT HANDLE. Finally, TURN TOP LEFT HANDLE, and the safe will be unlocked!

OPEN SAFE and LOOK IN SAFE, then GET CHARM, and you'll have the fifth (and last!) charm. OPEN DOOR and go southwest. EXAMINE DRAGON CHARM, and you'll find the word "THINGY" on it. This charm clears up the weather. GET CASE, go southwest, then DROP CASE. If you LOOK THROUGH WINDOW, you'll notice the clockmaker is busy at work, and there's an oil lamp burning in the workshop. You need to get him out of the shop: time to get destructive.

GET BOTTLE then KNOCK ON DOOR. The clockmaker will leave the workshop to answer the door. THROW BOTTLE AT LAMP. The clockmaker will rush back in, find the fire, and run out the door. The place is now yours to explore.

GET LADDER and go southwest. If you EXAMINE ladder, you'll discover that there are a few rungs missing. That stool might make up for the missing rungs, but it's awfully hot! OOJIMY STOOL and GET STOOL, then go east in the clock. LEAN LADDER AGAINST GIRDER, and DROP STOOL. Before we go up, let's go get some supplies.

Go west and northeast. GET SHOES THEN WEAR THEM. GET HARMONICA, ASH, MATCHBOX, AND CANDLE. Go back southwest, and east. GET ON STOOL, then CLIMB LADDER. JUMP north, and you're on a platform. Read the description carefully. You need to have the Rain Weatherman close to you. If it is, fine. If the Sun Weatherman is close to you, THINGY. The weather will change, sending the Sun Weatherman outside, and the Rain Weatherman inside. Now EXAMINE RAIN WEATHERMAN and TAKE HAT. HOLD ONTO RAIN WEATHERMAN and DOODAH. As it begins to rain, you'll be carried outside with the Rain Weatherman. There, you'll see a friendly cloud, which will come to a halt near you.

GET ON CLOUD, then DOOFER CLOUD, and say goodbye to the village!

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