Wonderland Cover art
Wonderland (1990)

Dream the dream...


The newest and largest-ever adventure from Magnetic Scrolls draws you into the bizarre logic of Lewis Caroll´s spellbinding imagination. Here you will meet all the main characters from the book - the Mad Hatter, the giant caterpillar, the Queen of Hearts, the Duchess and her cook...

Here, too, you will be confronted by puzzles, puns, and conundrums, potions and mushrooms, a giant puppy and a miniature tunnel, and challanges enough to keep you within Wonderland´s perplexing and magical domains for hundreds of hours.

Wonderland - written in Magnetic Windows, the radical new adventuring environment from Magnetic Scrolls - gives you over 100 stunning graphics, many of them animated...but that´s not all. A mouse click on an illustration reveals information about the objects shown. Pop-up menus of appropriate commands let you play with a minimum of typing. On-screen maps and help, multiple windows, and icons for every object and room in the adventure combine to make the most sophisticated environment ever created.

It all helps, but in the end it´s down to you. Have you teh dreampower to dream your way through wonderland ?

Story: David Bishop
Graphics: Alan Hunnisett, Chris Kent, Geoff Quilley and Anna Williams
Programming: Bob Coles, Paul Findley, Ken Gordon, Richard Huddy, Steve Lacey, Doug Rabson, Anita Sinclair, Hugh Steers and Mark Taylor
Platforms: Amiga, Archimedes, Atari ST, PC
Game box contained (Atari ST): 66-page user guide, Wonderland poster, map, Quick reference guide, Voucher for single-sided disk set, four 3.5"-disks


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