The Guild of Thieves Cover art
The Guild of Thieves (1987)

Steal yourself a world of fantasy

Except you can´t. Not yet. An amateur like you? Come off it! Now, if you were a fully paid-up member of the notorious Guild of Thieves, things would be different...

Mind you, it´s not easy. You might find yourself ditched on a remote jetty by the Guildmaster. You might find that the Guild expects you to ransack a well guarded mansion. To go grave-robbering. Potholing. Or maybe - if they´re really doubtful of your abilities - everything at once!

No problem, really, in a country full of helpful natives and friendly wildlife. Trouble is, you´re not in a country like that ! You´re in Kerovnia. Except that the place seems to have gone downhill since then...But you´ll find that out for yourself soon enough. And just one final hint; don´t try any funny stuff. The Guildmaster has seen it all before. So has the Gatekeeper. So has he...But why should we give you any hints?

Guild of Thieves, from Magnetic Scrolls, the people who wrote The Pawn, winners of numerous major awards. Graphic illustrations to blow your socks off. Puzzles to blow your brains out. Frankly, we doubt that you´re up to it...

Story: Rob Steggles
Graphics: Geoff Quilley, Tristan Humphries
Programming: ?
Platforms: Amiga, Apple 2(?), Atari ST, Atari XL/XE, Commodore 64/128, Schneider CPC, Macintosh(?), MS-Dos, Spectrum 128K
Game box contained (Atari ST): Bank of Kerovnia account card, dice, magazine "What Burglar", Kerovnia Guild of Discret Entry And Removal Operatives contract, Adventure Guide Atari ST, one 3.5"-disk


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